Dads4Life Founder Dr. Keith Jowers, Mrs. Williams, Ella Williams and Board Member Eric Touchton

The Ella Fund is named after Ella Williams whose father, Johnny Williams unexpectedly passed away on December 7, 2008, at the age of 35. The Founder of Dads 4 Life®, Dr. Keith always wanted a fund within the organization that could help benefit children somehow in case they or their mother ever faced such a tragedy.

The Ella Fund came to be named such after Dr. Keith was sitting in church one Sunday morning and thinking about what to name such a fund when he looked up and saw Ella looking at him. Dr. Keith knew immediately that he had the name and once he spoke with Ella’s mother and the Board approved, The Ella Fund was born.

Ella was the first recipient of an Ella Fund gift on March 1, 2009. All donations directed specifically towards The Ella Fund are used only within for this program.  Donations may be made online.