Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization that exists to provide Fathers of all ages, races, religion or cultures the support, education and information to enhance their lives and change the future of our nation.  We will do this by helping Dads connect with their children for life.

We help Fathers understand their role in society, responsibilities, and ownership of being a Father.

We have established support programs and continued training on various topics in life such as finances, leaving a legacy to your children and the importance of continued education.

We teach Fathers to stay involved in their children’s lives. We coach Dads on Finances, building a family legacy and much more.

We support the ParentHelpCenter.com, which focuses on improving  parenting skills.

Our programs reinforce the strong commitment to family, community, and faith.  We facilitate family events, conferences, and keynote addresses.   One of our goals is to support other men and Fathering organizations to reach and do more than we can by standing alone. We continue to establish a presence worldwide with Dads 4 Life® chapters in Argentina .. and will be launched in the United Kingdom this year.

Please review the resources we offer.   The latest book is “Daily Connections”.  I  have also created a children’s series to teach our younger generation about police officers.  The first book is Meet Officer Keith.  This safety program will be used to  teach our children not only about safety but the value a police officer can bring to their life.