Part Time Dad
Full-Time Heart

512QY5A5HRL._SL210_The turning point in my life was the day I heard the judge’s final resolution in my marriage, and I learned my daughter would not be in my personal custody.   I felt the pain of failure. What would I do?   The court may have taken my child out of my custody, but not out of my heart.   In fact, the feelings I experienced were as though someone cut me open and took a piece of my heart.   Failure is one of the uglies of life. Once we ‘think’ we have failed at something, often we beat ourselves up over and over again.   It was too late to change what happened in that courtroom, but I had to make this a new opportunity and make a difference by keeping a connection with my daughter.

 Experiencing personal failure is not a requirement for being a successful Dad. However, realized failures can be stepping-stones.   Even in the situation of being a part time Dad we have the ability to influence our children and we can do it with a full-time heart. 


Meet Officer Keith 

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Officer Keith was created as an early Introduction to Police Officers and their work. It was designed for ages 3-7.  Continue to look for additional books from this series of Officer Keith for different ages and topics.

Daily Connections

Keith’s Daily Connect Coverexperiences as a counselor, mentor, and now a Dad Coach made him realize so many young fathers have no idea of how to make a connection with their children… aren’t they just kids? Really? He believes it is not what you leave to your children that counts, but what you leave in them. “Connections” is a daily reminder to find some area of association to build a relationship with each of your children. This book is the first in a series of books that will include a printed daily Journal for Dads.

Just like each parent … all of our children are different, and respond differently. The purpose of this book is to give parents of all ages, and educational backgrounds ideas of how to relate and connect with Dr. Keith Jowers author Daily Connectionsmy children. Each day will provide a thought-provoking idea or suggestion for you to think about and determine how you can use.

Coloring Book 

Coloring Book Version 6 sample 8_20

Fun with reading and coloring at the same time.  Created to accompany reading version….. however, this coloring book includes the story line as well.

Penny Pincher Series by Racquel Mitchell