Best Wishes and Prayers to You Dads!

With just a few days until Christmas we’ve entered the critically dangerous time for many people    ….  especially men.  This is the time we start to second-guess ourselves: The gifts I bought already aren’t good enough. I need to do more. What if they do more than I’ve done?
The danger, of course, is that we set ourselves up to re-shop and re-buy to get it just right—no matter the cost, no matter the new debt. Why do we do this? I’m sure it has a lot to do with trying to measure up and to make everything perfect.  There are other ways to make this season perfect without spending so much $$$.

No matter where you are with your holiday prep—whether you’ve finished shopping, are in the middle of it or haven’t even started yet … just beware. Stop and think before you make your buying decisions. Do I really want to pay for something over the next eight years that will be long forgotten, used up, obsolete or broken? (Yes, that’s how long it takes the typical customer to pay off holiday debt. Groan!)

Now’s the time to pull out all of your courage and creativity.   Dad, do something special your family will remember.  Write them a letter, make something special for them.  Stretch your thought process, my friend.   Just a few weeks from now you’ll be so glad you did.  – Keith Jowers