What’s The Value of a Family Tradition?

As never before the famivalue-of-traditionsly needs to be strengthened.   Building and creating traditions has a long lasting impact.  No matter where you are in life such as a young family, elderly couple, single… it doesn’t matter.  (Read Deuteronomy 11:18 and  Duet 4:9).   Create a tradition for your family.


A tradition is a practice that creates positive feelings that are handed down from generation to generation.  People always return to pleasure.  A Tradition brings a sense of connection and oneness.  When you’ve created a tradition, you will begin to hear things like  ‘ we always’ put gravy on our potatoes.   We ‘always’ go church on Christmas Eve.   A family tradition, we ‘always’  gather together and the Dad prays over us, and we thank God for the many blessings, then we open the Bible and read the Christmas Story in Luke.   The one thing my wife ‘always’ remembers is the Christmas blessing and prayer together before she could open presents.

Values cultivate connection and promote a sense of identity and a feeling of belonging.   You know I always promote making those connections!  Bake cookies, go to the homeless shelter and feed someone and minister before you eat your meal.  Aim for a moderate number of traditions.. even just one thing will make a difference.  Ask your family what would you like to do?  Remember this is creating a point of pleasure they will always return to.   So what would make them happy?

It is important to include a spiritual tradition.  Remember, your children will emulate what they see. Create a tradition not just what you say about God but what you believe about God.  I know this may not be a popular topic, but it is an important topic for your children to know.

Think just a minute… have you ever walked into the house smelled cookies… ah …. think about it!  I can almost smell them now … awh ..Cinnamon rolls aroma and immediately your mind will go back to a time in your life with Grandma or someone who baked when you were growing up.   It takes you back to a moment in time when you remembered pleasure.  Create a Connection that will last a lifetime by creating traditions.