Does time fly, or is it just me?  It seems as only yesterday we were talking about what would happen at the beginning of the year 2000. I also recall the big issues of 1999 when everyone was discussing the possible Y2K crash of the world’s computer system and thinking this could be the end of the world? Time continues!

While sitting in church, the Pastor was discussing the last forty days of 2016 is upon us and what would we do with it? People are already camping out in store parking lots for that early morning BIG SALES for “Black Friday.” Folks are already concerned about not having enough money to get them through the holidays season and especially Christmas.

So what will the last forty days of 2016 be like for you as a Dad? There was a book released several years ago called; Forty Days of Purpose by Rick Warren.  Pastor Warren gives us a guide to understanding that you do have a purpose in this life.  As a Dad, you have more than one purpose… when you are a Dad you have decided to bring up another person in the world, teaching them and giving them an understanding of purpose as well.

Could it be that over the next forty days, you think every day about how to connect with your children and your family more? Or could it be that you don’t think about changing anything over the next forty days and let it pass as usual?

I hope as you close out 2016, that you choose to think about your family more and appreciate the next forty days of life regardless of how many gifts you receive or can give at Christmas. I still believe that kids spell love, TIME and some quality time with them go much further than some toy that may be thrown away or broken shortly.

Celebrate the next forty days with Thanksgiving that you are alive and can enjoy these holidays with God’s gift to you….your children/family.


May you have a Happy Thanksgiving and Joyous Christmas Season and thank you for your support throughout 2016.