Legacy of a Dad’s Love

By January 11, 2013Fatherhood

My daddy would get up in the middle of the night and get me a glass of water when I called for it, watch Dukes of Hazzard with me, sleep with me in my bed, carry me around when I was definitely big enough to walk, basically do anything for me I wanted or needed. The most important gift he gave me was leading me to the Lord. I can’t imagine not being raised by Christian parents who took me to church, I am so thankful for that blessing. But I remember one day talking to my dad in the car about Jesus and being saved and he explained to me what it meant; we then pulled over on the side of the road in Murray Hill and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I will never forget that memory.

I am blessed to have an amazing husband, who is such a great father to our children. I know that my dad loved Scott like his own, he may even have favored him over me sometimes; but let’s not get too crazy with that talk. But I knew what kind of man I wanted to marry because I had a great example to follow. I am so thankful that Scott is such a great father and husband and I know my dad was also thankful that I found someone like him; so he knew that I would have someone to take care of me when he was gone.

Even though he was the best dad, he was an even more amazing grandpa to my three children: Kyan, Camdyn, and Kellen. He was over the entire time helping out and playing with them whenever he could. Even when he was in pain before and after his back surgery he was still here doing anything he could. And if one of the kids asked to go on a walk, play trains, or basically anything he would do it no matter how much pain he was in. I am so glad that my children were able to know him, even for a short time. It’s amazing to watch them process the loss of my dad and just have faith in God’s plan. I definitely would want my dad here to be with us and watch his grandchildren grow up; however they would not have such a grasp on heaven if he wasn’t there. We go to church and we talk about God and heaven, but they have a real understanding of it because that is where Grandpa is. I firmly believe this is building the foundation for their personal relationship with God now and in the future; and that is what my dad would want over anything else. They really have helped me deal with this great loss, they are so pure in their thoughts and prayers it’s amazing. They always talk about Grandpa and a memory they had, or anything that comes to mind. They are keeping his memory alive without even realizing it. I am grateful for that.

My dad was not perfect, far from it, you can ask my mom. But no matter what God and his family were most important to him. I am so thankful that I had my dad for 35 years; of course I wanted him to be here with me for much longer; however I know he is in a better place and that we will be together again. We do not know the plan that God has for our lives; or when it will be our time to be called home to be with Him forever. I truly believe that my dad would not want things done any differently, even though he is not here with us as long as his grandchildren were drawn closer to God because of his final homecoming. His legacy lives on, not only in me but in his grandchildren.