Dads 4 Life®Here For You!

Dads are vital in today’s society, and our children need us more than ever to help them grow and mature into productive citizens.

IMG_1794With so many outside influences to interrupt family values, it is easy for children with disconnected parents to feel alone and looking for direction in the wrong areas.

Dads 4 Life® was born out of the necessity of one Dad wanting to be a positive influence in his daughter’s life.  That one dream has now led to countless of Fathers across our world being enriched, and encouraged to “stay the course” as a Dad 4 Life®.

In addition to offering Dad Coaching, we provide encouragement through our many social media venues, workshops, books, online courses and speaking engagements.

Through coaching others, I have identified three areas where Dads ask for training and encouragement …  personal development, support for career goals and leadership skills.

Let’s talk and see how we can partner.  See our Contact page to reach us!